Replays In My Mind

Hey, my name is Toby, and I'm a twenty-four-year-old male. I used to work for a car dealership. There was an older woman that filed records in what we call "the dungeon" because it's kind of below the dealership with no windows. I would go back there to talk to her every now and then. She was early to mid- forties and has only been with two guys in her life. Just getting out of a relationship of several years, she was ready to try different things. She was about 5'4" tall, thick, with soft skin and always smelled good. The more we talked, the more comfortable she became with me. So, one day, she asked me if I would hang out with her after work. I agreed. We met at a coffee shop and talked for a little bit. At the end, she asked me for a couple of kisses. I was happy to honor her request. We continued to talk about different things that she wanted to do, and we met often after work. Each time, the kisses became more passionate and the caressing became more intense. One day, we decided to go out on a real date. We met at a park and ride location and went on to have a nice evening. When we got back to the park and ride that night, we talked for a while in her car. Then we started kissing and rubbing each other real hot and heavy-like. She then gave an evil smile telling me to go for it. So, I did. She was kind of nervous because I was a younger guy, but that just turned me on even more. After massaging her chest, she threw me back into the driver seat and started to unzip my pants. Before I knew it, we were the only ones in the lot. Shortly into it, a set of headlights scared her, and that was that for the night. I was upset at first, but the idea itself was a great tease. Too bad I no longer work for that dealership. That night still replays in my mind.

— Toby, 24

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