Slips and Panties

I have loved panties and slips since I was young. I used to get the girl down the street to show me her panties and let me touch them. I grew and was wearing my sister's panties and slips when home alone, and even used my mom's slips. I almost got caught few times. I have used my ex's and now have my own slips, panties, and even nighties to wear. I'm alone now, so every day after work I come home and wear them around the house. I have never been into women's clothes though. I just love the feel of the nylon against my body and it relaxes me. I use to take slips and panties when could find them on clothes lines years ago, but now I just buy them online and from stores. I love light blue, pink, white, red, yellow, and everything but black. I wish I could find slips in yellow, full or half. I'm sitting in pink half-slip and full white slip right now while writing this.

— Jerry, 61

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