Sneaky Swap Backfires

Several months ago, my wife and I went on a short holiday with another couple and shared a holiday cottage between us. We were already close friends, although nothing of a sexual nature had ever occurred (discounting mild friendly flirting). Anyway, as time marched on, my mate and I got around to discussing the possibilities of a wife swap. Deciding that both wives would not be adverse to such an act, or if so would only berate us as "naughty children" as opposed to walking out on us. We decided that at 1:00 A.M. the next morning that we would both arise on the pretext of going to the kitchen for a drink. Confirming our intentions, we preceded to each other's bedroom and wife. All went well until we climbed into our opposite wife's bed and discovered our own wife waiting. Apparently, unknown to us lads, our women folk had the same idea with basically the same plan. Having gotten over the initial surprise and having made the necessary explanations, we all felt that we might just as well carry on with the intentions so carefully planned and go ahead with the swap. Needles to say, it was a most enjoyable holiday. Because of the removal of any guilt or sneakiness, we have enjoyed repeat performances back in our own homes. We even organized a "date each other's partner" event, which had the husbands taking the other's wife out on a date alone and then returning in the early ours of the morning to our own beds and waiting wives. Strangely, neither couple feels that their marriage has suffered any negative forces. In fact, we both feel stronger because of the honesty involved.

— Jerry, 40

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