Is that a Bullet Bra?

My wife's mother was visiting us recently and one morning we were having coffee together. She was wearing a rather revealing nightgown and I could detect that she was wearing a brassiere. I looked at her and ask her what size bra she wore. She smiled and told me she wears a size 36 with a full D cup. Then, I asked if I could see her bra. She opened up her nightgown, revealing an extremely sexy bra. I asked her if it was a bullet bra and she told me it was. She has some fantastic breasts and I told her how awesome her chest was. She smiled as she reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. She gave it to me and said to keep it as a souvenir from her to me. I was in awe as I held the bra. I told her I'll treasure that bra and this moment forever. She gave me a kiss.

— Keith, 24

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