Hotel Show

About ten years ago, I went with my ex-wife and our daughter to Florida to check out a college she was interested in. We got separate rooms and I could not wait to get back after a long day. I showered and slipped into a sheer white bra, matching sheer panties, pink garter belt, pink stockings, and my white 5" open toe pumps. Over that, I put on a sheer white babydoll nightie. I opened the curtains and had all the lights on; I went out and lit up balcony as well. I put on a show four floors up and facing another hotel. There were a few people watching, then, after a while, I went in and set up the video camera and went crazy on the bed for a while. I then went to sleep with the lights on and curtains open. The next morning I left all my lingerie on the floor and when I got back, it was all folded and on the bed. Great trip!

— Dave, 53

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