Show What You Have

We have been married thirty-seven years; she is rather modest. I have exposed her to truckers and through motel windows over the years, often without her knowledge. Accidents do happen. I have seen shoe salesmen enjoying a great view of her pantyhose covered panties (in her younger days she always wore pantyhose). A couple of times I saw young guys looking up her skirt in a shoe store via the floor mirrors that are tilted up. I really liked that. Another time, we were traveling while pulling a trailer. She had on a rather long skirt. When she got out of the car, her skirt fell to the ground. I had recently bought it for her and I guess it was a bit too big. A trucker was checking his rig and was standing four feet behind her and there she was standing in red briefs and pantyhose. More and more, I now find myself wanting her to be with other men, preferably young guys. I also like the thought of guys flashing her. Maybe, if on a jog, they stop to tie their shoe as she approaches and let everything hang out for her to see. I always like to go to the beach and see who has their stuff out of their swim suit netting for all to see. Show what you have to the older ladies, boys...

— Jason, 62

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