Nylon Ribbons and Vintage Nighties

Yes, I am just like others on here. I am right into vintage nighties with lots and lots of long nylon ribbons and bows. I have heaps of babydoll nylon vintage nighties with long nylon ribbons galore; I love to play with the long ribbons when I have a babydoll nightie on at night, in bed, and wandering around my condo. My girlfriend usually sews on extra ribbons for me, which I love. One nightie has three long ribbons and bows on each shoulder and three on either side of a long wide ribbon in the front. So, with twenty-four long ribbons to play with, it's a buzz. I am constantly playing with them too, as ribbons and bows turn me on. My girlfriend loves to watch me playing with all these ribbons, it's fantastic. Sometimes, she loves to tie a big long nylon ribbon around my neck, which is a buzz too. I keep saying to her, "The longer ribbons, the better." She says she loves that as well. She also has vintage nighties with lots of long nylon ribbons, which is great. We're like vintage nighties ribbons and ribbons....

— Tommy, 53

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