No More Surprises, Please

I used to wonder what my wife would be like with another man. Then, the opportunity arose. I had made a new friend from a sporting event and became friends with him. He was pretty wild, which I thought was cool. We discussed our wives and fantasies. I mentioned wondering what it would be like to have another man take my wife sexually. Well, one night my friend was over at our house, and my wife came home from work. She said hello and then went into the bedroom to change. My friend looked at me and said, "Do you still wonder?" I thought it would be perfect timing. So, I said, "Go ahead." He went into my bedroom and closed the door. I kept hearing my wife and him in the bedroom, but I couldn't figure out what was being said. I thought they were having very wild sex and figured she was having great orgasms with him. After about forty-five minutes, my friend came out by himself and looked at me and said, "She is great!" I was very excited to hear how she liked it. My friend left and I went back to the bedroom. My wife was laying naked on the bed on her stomach. I asked her how she liked her surprise, and I found out she wasn't too happy with me. She said that although we had talked about her being with a different guy, she never expected me to make the plans without her foreknowledge. I guess I'll know next time to include her first in the plans I make.

— Troy, 35

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