Best Massage Ever

Recently, I went for my monthly manicure. The owner of the salon is a rather attractive Asian woman in her early forties. After the manicure, she told me they were going to start offering massages and she wanted to know if I was interested in a free massage since I am a valued client. I said yes and then we adjourned to a back room. She told me to get totally undressed and to lay face down on the massage table. I started to get undressed, but she did not leave the room. She stood in front of me, took my clothes, and folded them as I removed everything. I am extremely well endowed and when she saw my manhood, her eyes widened as she could not believe what she was seeing. I lay on the table and she worked my back and moved down to my legs. As she worked my butt and upper legs, I started to get into a heightened state. She had me turn over and lay on my back. As I flipped over, she noticed I was getting excited. I closed my eyes as she took care of me. It was totally the most enjoyable thing I have ever felt. We did this three more times and each one seemed to be better than the one before. The massage lasted more than an hour and it was by far something I will always remember, that is until my next massage. I told her I will be a regular. She smiled and told me she had never seen a man with such an enormous, and beautiful package. I smiled and thanked her.

— Jack, 24

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