Sharing My Wife

I know my brother-in-law Roy has had the hots for my wife Julie, who is his wife's sister. He is always staring at Julie's boobs. The four of us got together New Year's Eve and had enough food and liquor for ten people. We were all having a great time and were all way past the pie-eyed point. We were all standing in the kitchen eating snacks and throwing back shots when Julie put on some really slow dance music and just started dancing with her brother-in-law, so I started dancing with his wife Lisa. Again, at this point, we were so drunk. I got excited and Lisa was grinding against me. I slid my hands under her shirt and unhooked her bra. I got scared when she backed away for a second, but she did that thing that girls do and removed her bra from under her shirt and hung it on one of the kitchen chairs. Then she put both my hands back under her shirt and we continued grinding. Two minutes later we were in the spare bedroom and I had undressed Lisa completely. Then she totally undressed me. We got in bed and did it for about a half hour. When we finished, Lisa went to the bathroom. While she was gone, I got out of bed and walked to the open door to our bedroom and found Roy also doing Julie. It was a little shocking to see my wife enjoying sex with another man. Julie looked over and saw me standing in the doorway and I'm sure she was totally drunk but she actually said, "Mommy and daddy need some time alone, go back to you room honey." Then Roy turned his head toward me and said, "Tim, is this ok?" I said, "Yes, she likes it." While this was happening, I could hear Lisa finishing up and then the bathroom door opening, so I turned around and met her totally naked in the hallway and guided her back to the spare room. At some point, we all fell asleep and when Julie and I woke up the next day, Roy and Lisa had already left. We are all still friends. I would not mind if Roy was having sex on the side with Julie because she seemed to like it. I haven't had sex with Lisa since then, but I'm trying to set something up. I hope Roy will approve.

— Tim, 50

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