Greatest Experiment Ever

It's kind of a long story, but a good one. It all started out about a year ago at a concert my girlfriend and I went to. I had never thought about bisexual experiences before with another guy, but seeing pictures of naked guys or guys in their underwear really turned me on. We were at the concert where she and I would always joke around talking about the opposite sex. We'd point out the cute ones in the bunch. I pointed out this girl who was hot, and my girlfriend said, "Yeah, she is cute." She then pointed out a guy and said he was hot. I told her, "Yeah, I would give him oral," just joking around. Then she asked me, "What did you say?" I wanted to see what she would do and figured she would have taken it bad. I thought she was so mad, but then she said that she thinks it is hot for two guys to do something. That was all it took for my wheels to get turning. I have never done anything in front of her with another guy, but I know that I eventually will. One time I was out of town, and I was on the internet searching for bisexuals to experiment with. I ended up meeting with one, and he ended up coming back to the hotel room. It took a while to break the ice between us, but eventually we started having sex talk. One thing led to another, and I received my first oral sex and actual sex from a guy. It was the greatest experiment ever. I since have had several experiences with other guys. Everyone should try it.

— Terrance, 26

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