Very Bi With Friends

I have been reading about guys that like to watch their wives have sex with other men. So, here is my story. My wife and I had a terrific sex life before we married. Now, after twenty-one years and with both kids in college, we decided to have some fun. Our sex life had gotten very dull and boring. We discussed swinging and just having a friend join us for a threesome. To be safe, I had a vasectomy about seven years ago. We have been flirting with friends and relatives since last fall. We lucked out with my wife's sister, a divorcee. We had played with her several times when my wife decided she would like another man. One Saturday, we were in the back yard working and playing at teasing each other. Just as we finished, our neighbor remarked, "What a good show!" My wife invited him over to have some fun. His wife had been on a business trip for most of the week and still wasn't home. I knew he was safe as his wife had told my wife he had vasectomy about two years before. We then had a threesome. We have him and other friends over often as my wife and I both are very bi with friends.

— Craig, 46

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