Love Being the Woman

It started when I was young, my older sisters dressed me in panties, a half-slip, skirt, and blouse. I liked the way I looked and the feel of the clothes; that's all it took, I was hooked. I would sneak their things all the time and dress up. I couldn't wait to get older to use bras too. Then, I found out about pads and tampons and I was in heaven. I love and tried all I could about being this girl I had become. In Jr. High, I had my first encounter with sex with guys and I was hooked. Later on, I told some guys and girls that I liked dressing as a girl. Some were okay with it, some not. Still later on, one girl preferred me as her girlfriend and also turned me onto girl toys; we would go around as girls to shows, shopping, out to eat, or whatever. Some of the guys liked me better as a woman; when they came over and I wasn't dressed up they had me dress up and off we would go on a date and the sex after was great too. I do love being the girl whenever I can. Going with my wife she was okay with me being a girl. She would buy me things and in the stores and would say how nice I would look in this pair of panties, bra, dress, skirt and blouse, slips, shoes, nylons, or whatever. Some people around us would smile and others looked shocked. After we got married, she said, "No more you being a girl," so I said, "All right." When she is going to be gone for a while, I get dressed up and sometimes call other people over for some love making. I love being a woman and always will, the clothes have always felt more right to me than guys things do. I'm a woman forever and love it.

— Casey, 56

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