Wife's Friend

One day, I came home early to surprise my wife, and maybe have a good time. I snuck in the side door and found nobody in the main section of the house. I could hear some noises coming from the bedroom, so I went to check it out. Our bedroom door was almost closed, but I was shocked by what I saw. My wife was on the bed with one of her friends going at her. I watched for a little while, and then my phone rang, giving me away. Her friend came to the door and pulled me in. She said if I was good enough to watch, I could join in. Later that night, I confronted my wife about what happened; she said that they got together like that each week. She said she didn't know I had it in me; now she would go out and get some new toys for us. Our love life has not been the same.

— Terrence, 38

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