Wife and Her Panties

Every morning after my shower, my wife sits at the edge of the bed holding out the panties she wore the day before. She puts them on me and makes me wear them to work. If I get excited while she puts the panties on me, I am placed over her knee and spanked with her wooden brush. The first few times it was hard to avoid, and I was spanked every time. This started about a year ago because she thought I was flirting with one of her friends. I now cannot even look at that friend of hers in the eye because I am sure my wife has told her how she has corrected me. I asked her if she did and she did not answer. Instead, she spanked me and told me never to question her on it again. It's a bit humiliating that she does this and knowing that, she has told her friend, but I am ok with it because I love how her panties fit me and feel on me. I love when she spanks me and calls me her sissy panty boy. I have not even seen men's underwear in over a year. Today, they are satin floral print with lace trim on top and I love them.

— Randy, 32

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