Started Something Great

When we were younger, my wife and I used to dabble in all kinds of sexual games, but it's been years since we have done anything other than normal, dull sex. My wife had a strap on years ago from her college years (another story) and used it a few times with me, but it was always unenjoyable to me and too much work. Recently, we needed a new spark in our sex life and I bought a strap on with an extension sleeve and used it on her. She went crazy over it and said it was the most intense feeling she's felt in years. She talked me into trying it attached to one of her toys and I did. WOW. It was great and I do not know why we have waited so long to do this. Now, we take turns on each other and this has started a whole new adventure in our sex life. It's all she wants to do. We are going to an adult toy store this weekend to purchase more toys. I can't wait.

— Bailey, 44

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