Too Much To Ask?

I have a desire to wear women's panties and would love it if my wife would accept it. I can't even get her to wear sexy clothing; she says it's dirty. I love to be in the panties, however. I even will go to buy my own so she can't accuse me of wearing hers. They are so comfortable and sexy; much better than men's briefs or boxers. She knows I have them and wear them, but she will not let on she does. I have purchased numerous sexy nighties for her, but no acceptance on her part. She will maybe model them once, and then say, "I don't ever want to see them again!" So I have turned to self-gratification. Have even gone to stores and purchased women's bikini swim wear to suntan in. She, again, knows I do this, but will not accept it. All I want is to be accepted by her and share intimacy with her. Is this too much to ask?

— Scott, 58

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