Before my ex and I were separated, I had a niece by the name of Jessica. One night Jessica was staying with us on a night before I had to go to work. I went to bed with my wife and just could not sleep. My niece was around eighteen, and she was into a lot of things teenagers are into these days. So, I sat up with her for a bit. Then I went in my living room to watch TV while she stayed in our kitchen trying to call her boyfriend. This was almost midnight. I would have done the same thing if my ex wasn't there, but this time my niece was there. Sometimes it helps me to masturbate when I can't sleep. Well, I had a thin sheet separating the living room and kitchen due to the heat. While Jessica was waiting to call her boyfriend again, I told her I needed some private time in the living room. I said that if she saw anything it would be okay, but I asked her to please not say anything. She told me okay as long as I didn't say anything about her trying to call her boyfriend so late at night. Well, I went behind the sheet and took off my clothes. I know she could see it, but I acted like I didn't. Then I popped in a porno and began my business, leaving all the lights on at first. Thank God my ex did not wake up. I was stretched out on my recliner and foot stool still in the doorway. I seriously thought she missed it as I was masturbating. Then I got up, shut off the light, and got on the floor. Then I heard her get up, but I did not stop. She opened the curtain and saw everything. I don't see how she could not have. Then she grabbed a pen and went back into the kitchen as I finished. Then I got up and pulled the curtain aside and asked if she could cover her eyes. Notice I said "cover" her eyes, not close them. I walked out to the kitchen, got a paper towel, and wiped myself clean. I then went back to the living room. I know she was watching the whole time. I did not have sex with her, but it was one of the most erotic things I have ever done. I am a thirty-five-year-old male, and I love to give women a show. That was not the first time. I will send more.

— Byron, 34

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