Girlfriend's Sister

I was with my girlfriend for about two years. I would still go out and party though, meeting other girls. She was throwing a twenty-first birthday party for her step-sister; that's when I met her. She was beautiful, tiny, and petite like I like. She was probably 95 pounds and five foot five. When she arrived, I couldn't get my eyes off her. She had just got off work and I saw her in her scrubs. I think all women in scrubs look smart and sexy. We began to party and I ignored my girlfriend's sister all night. She was around her friends and drinking the night away. She got wasted and went to the bedroom to go to sleep. I needed to use the bathroom and the main restroom was occupied, so I went to the master bedroom. I saw her sister asleep on the bed. I went over to her and found she wasn't completely asleep. I told her I think she is sexy and kissed her on her lips, saying happy birthday. Later, the party was over and my girlfriend had thrown everybody out. Well, almost everyone. It was me, the two sisters, and a friend. We all went out to eat and did not talk at all. We went back home and to bed. About two or three days went by and I used my girlfriend's cell phone to get her stepsister's number. I called her saying I wanted to meet up with her and she agreed. She was twenty-one and we had the best sex. I felt bad that I had been going out with her stepsister, so I told my girlfriend what was going on. She was angry and never talked to me again. About two years later, I met and married my wife. I've met her younger sister and she's hot and tiny. I want her. I've told my wife this and she thinks likes I do. I have told her sister she is hot.

— Kalan, 37

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