I have a friend whose wife died last year; we often have him round on weekends for dinner. After a few drinks, he said he hadn't been with another woman since he lost his wife. My wife said later that night that it would be nice to help him; she really felt sorry for him. She suggested we hired an escort, but we decided that would be cheap and nasty. We had sex and afterwards, my wife surprised me by asking what I would think if she had sex with him. I was shocked to start with, but found it quite a turn on. I agreed, but insisted that it would be sex and no more. She went for a shower and took him a cup of tea in bed wearing just a robe and, well, half hour later she came back to me. "That was nice," she said. She told him that I had agreed to their little bit of fun; he looked a little embarrassed, but she told him I was okay with it and wouldn't mind them doing it again as long as it didn't become a big thing. They were both happy with that and my wife suggested a threesome next time.

— Garrett, 52

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