Night for Wife

After several years of marriage, we wanted to spice things up a bit and decided to let my wife have a slut night. As we live in a small conservative community, we had to do this in a large city about a hundred miles away. We arrived on a Friday afternoon, checked into a hotel for a couple of hours rest, and began to get ready. She dressed in thigh-hi black seamed hose and black garter belt, a micro short black leather skirt, sheer red blouse, tiny lace bra that barely covered her, and 6-inch stiletto heels. She was so hot looking that I could barely contain myself. We took a taxi to a club the bellman had turned me to; a small place with a small dance floor and a band. The place was packed when we arrived. She went in first as we had planned and found a seat at the bar. I followed a short time later. I saw no seats and stood a bit away from her. Two guys were already hitting on her. Soon, she followed them to a booth where there were two others. She slid in, started drinking and almost immediately I saw one touch her. They were laughing and talking and the guys were getting more and more bold. When she got up to dance with one of the guys, her blouse was already unbuttoned about half way. While dancing, the guy was all over her. She made the excuse of having to go to the restroom and, going by me, asked if I was okay with what was happening. Was I ever! She rejoined them and they were getting really wild. Soon, she was giving full lap dances. When we returned to the hotel, we had the hottest sex ever. We can't wait until the next time.

— Leif, 42

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