When I was younger, I looked very much like my older sister. She and my mother wanted us to dress up as twins. They made me put on her panties and bra, stuffed them with napkins, and then we put on matching skirts and blouses. They painted my fingernails and put lipstick on me, and then they took a picture of us standing beside each other. We looked like twin girls. While putting on those panties and bra, I got excited and both my mother and sister teased me about it. But from that day on, I would sometimes put on my sister's underwear to get excited. I didn't understand why it excited me so, but it sure did. Now, more than forty years later, I still find putting on a woman's panties and bra get me fired up. My wife of thirty years plays along and enjoys the results. She has furnished me with her mother's and her sister's panties and bra to add to my collection.

— David, 54

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