A Joyful Learning Experience

I am nineteen and a student. I do mowing in the neighborhood during the summertime to make some money. One day, I was mowing my neighbor's lawn in the morning instead of in the afternoon. The lady in the house is very pretty and sexy. She told me later that she was forty-eight, but she looked like thirty-five. Her husband is sixty-two. So, that morning when I was mowing her backyard, she came out through the back door and saw me mowing. It was a very hot and humid day. She was wearing a see-through maxie. She asked if I wanted some cold water or a coke. I said it would be great. I entered the house with her. She was staring at me. She said her husband was at work and nobody else was at home. I asked her if I could take a quick cold shower before the drink. She said sure, that I could use the basement shower. I came back up after the shower with just my shorts on. She was waiting for me with a glass of chilled coke near the breakfast table. When I was drinking the coke, she came close to me and said that I have an attractive body. She asked if she could touch my chest. She put both of her hands on my chest and started massaging. She liked it and got closer. I untied her maxie which came down on the floor. She was totally naked. She had a gorgeous figure. She pulled down my shorts. She asked me to lie down on my back on the family room carpet. She started kissing all over my body. She was really getting horny. We began having sex. That was such a joyful experience for me. She said her husband can not take it more than five minutes. She loved it and said that she never had such a joyful sex experience in her life. In fact, it was a great joyful and learning experience for me, too, which I can never forget.

— Jeff, 19

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