I Love My Costume

My wife and I went to a Halloween costume party recently. She suggested that we both get dressed up as ladies of the night. I wore a short pleated black skirt with stockings and three inch red pumps. I had on a burgundy brassiere under a sheer white blouse. A wig and makeup complemented my ensemble. I looked awesome. I had never done this before and it made me feel so feminine that I was questioning my manhood. Many of the ladies at the party were totally flabbergasted by how sexy I looked. Several said they wanted to have sex with me. As my wife and I drove home, she gave me oral right there in the car outside the house before we drove away. We dress up like this often and I tell you one thing, I totally enjoy doing this. We have sometimes gotten dressed up and gone out to dinner and the movies.

— Zach, 27

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