Her Maid

My wife refuses to cook anymore and has become lax with the house chores. I am left to do the cooking, cleaning, and general housework. I was getting tired of being her maid and wanted to do something to get the message across to her. I bought a French maid outfit, including black lace panties, garter belt, and fishnet thigh high stockings. I even found six inch stilettos in my size. I got up in the morning and she stayed in bed as usual. I put on the maid outfit and felt quite excited in it. I was making breakfast when she came into the kitchen. She was surprised at my attire and asked what was going on. I told her if I was her maid, I may as well dress like one. She took a few minutes to really check me out. She smiled and said if I was her maid, she would happily give me orders. She ordered me to fix her food and then clean up the kitchen. As I was washing the dishes, she came up behind me and started to lick my ears and rub my butt. This got me excited and she knew it. When the dishes were done, she ordered me to help her get dressed. She made me take her clothes off, but I was not allowed to touch her. Then I had to dress her. All the while she was touching me and reaching up under my skirt. Finally I could not take it anymore and threw her on the bed and had great sex. She told me afterwards that she got the message but was not willing to give up her maid. I bet next weekend will be fun.

— Jonathan, 56

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