A few years ago, I moved to town and I stayed in a building. I was nineteen when I met two guys who were my neighbors, one was staying alone and the other was staying with his twenty-three year old girlfriend, Julia. My neighbor who stayed with his girlfriend was a security guard (Ned) and the other one who stayed alone was a student (Jon) doing his fourth year at university. I became friends with my neighbor's girlfriend and we used to play cards while her man was at work night shift. Jon joined us and the three of us became friends. Ned did not mind our friendship with his girlfriend, who also had a two year old son with Ned. One day while playing cards, Julia was wearing a short skirt and I could see her pink panty because she was sitting opposite me. I was excited and went home to pleasure myself. On another day, Jon had to study, so Julia and I played alone while her son was asleep. She wanted to cook popcorn because it was late and we were hungry. When she was on the stove, I slowly went to her, hugged her from behind, and told her I saw her panties. She pushed me away and said I was too young for her and she treats me as her younger brother. I was so excited and had to make a plan to have sex with her. Since we were playing cards, I requested a game that if I win I will ask her to do anything and if she wins she will ask me. So, she won and asked me to do pushups. The next day, we we're playing and I won. I asked her to remove her skirt; she laughed and refused, and then I told her it was not fair. I insisted and she removed it finally. I saw she was sexy in her undies. The next round I won and requested her to remove her undies. While we were arguing about it, her boyfriend Ned phoned to check and see if she was okay. While she was on the phone, I went to her and touched her panties and slowly removed them. When she hung up the phone, she said, "That's not how the game is played." I told her, "I won," while beginning to make moves on her. Soon, she looked weak and we did sex for about two hours till her son got up and we stopped. We had sex every time in every position while Ned was at work. A year later, I went away to university and when I came back, she invited me over and we resumed our sexual relationship. I went back to university and later heard Jon had an internship which was paying very well and he moved. Six months later, I came back again and did not find her. People told me she ran away with Jon and her son, so Ned was looking for them. I was upset and Ned was hurt; he told me he once came early from work since he was sick and found Julia with Jon in his bed. He was sick and weak, so collapsed and the next morning, they were all gone. Since then, I have never seen her again.

— Lance, 25

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