Craziest Sex

I never thought I would be sitting here moments after having the craziest sex with my sister-in-law and confessing to it. I received a phone call at 11:00pm from Emily asking if someone could come pick her up at this party she was at. I said nobody was around and I would come get her. Emily is nineteen years old, long brown beautiful hair, and attractive. This girl is not bashful by any means, so when she got in, I noticed that she was feeling pretty good and asked if she had a good time. Emily looked at me and said, "I sure did, but I'm really excited!" "I'm sure you can do something about that," I said. She leaned back her seat and asked if I wanted to watch. "Emily, what are you doing?" I asked. "Taking care of it." Now, I was very much excited by all this and Emily could see that. I managed to pullover off a stretch of road in the country at which I leaned my seat all the way back and we spent the last two hours having sex out in the country; with no protection. What have I done?

— Hank, 43

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