All Kinds Of Sex

I have been married for twenty-three years. I have two very sexy daughters and a very horny wife. About the time our daughters were finishing high school, my wife decided we should try swinging. She had her tubes tied, and I had a vasectomy for safety. It made her super horny but did not affect me in any way. Two years ago, we went to my wife's twenty-fifth reunion. I talked her into dressing sexy. She was doing a lot of dancing with an old lover. I suggested she take him to the car for sex, and I would watch them. It all went well. As we left that evening for our motel, we had sex in the car. As we arrived at the motel, one of her classmates was just coming back. Tom was black. I invited him in for a drink. After the second drink, my wife was giving him a lap dance. Soon we were all naked on the bed. As Tom and my wife had sex, I watched them. When they finished, I had my turn. Once I finished, Tom made a pass at me. I accepted, and we were soon having sex as my wife watched us. That was my first experience at being with another man. Now I am a confirmed bi as my wife watches me with other men. In turn, I love to see her having sex with other men as I watch.

— Gary, 46

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