Faculty Fun

I have been enjoying reading these confessions, so I will submit my own confession of years ago. I am a retired school teacher, having taught thirty years in a high school. When I started in my early twenties, the girls kept me hot and horny by teasing me, but I never touched a one of them. I did do a lot of masturbating in the bathroom. Once I married another teacher and we had a family, she decided enough was enough, so I had a vasectomy for safety. This served me very well a few years later when I was sharing rides with a married female teacher about to retire. She would always tell me about how her husband was not taking care of his homework. One day, we were both working late when she was ready to leave and came into my room. As we talked, she mentioned how her husband was worn out. I suggested she lock door and I would give her what she wanted. As she returned from locking the door she was wiggling around to tease me. We then had oral and regular sex. We did this many times for the next three years until she retired.

— Josiah, 57

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