Spending the Night

Watching my wife making love to another man was too much, but I had to watch. In 1999, we went to a New Year's party hosted by a friend of ours. After we rang in the new year, everyone started to leave. Our friend offered us a sofa bed, which we quickly accepted. I was drunk, but not like falling down, just very tipsy. My wife just would not shut up. She was the life of the party; she talked and talked and talked. I eventually passed out, but awoke sometime later. She was not beside me anymore. I knew there were other people in bedrooms, so I didn't want to go roaming around. I just wanted to know where my wife was. I went to my buddy's room and there she was, making love to him. That was so exciting to see. I went back to the sofa bed and passed out. I woke up again around 4 AM. Much to my surprise, she was not back in bed with me yet. I went back over to his room and this time the door was closed. Not knowing if the door was locked or not, I turned the handle anyway and opened it up very slowly and quietly. They were at it again. When she returned to the sofa bed, she was surprised to find me awake. I told her, "You don't have to tell me and maybe I really don't understand why, but it's okay. We don't need to talk about it." As soon as she got to the covers, it was my turn. We had sex like there was no tomorrow. About a year later, we went to go stay overnight with our friend. Again, my wife disappeared from the sofa bed. When I went to go check on them this time, the door was locked. So here we are fifteen years later and still together.

— Doug, 38

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