Considerable Experience

When my wife and I married we both had considerable experience. Our sex life was wild. Every morning we had sex. At noon, I would try to get home for more sex. When I came home in the evening, it was wild sex again. At bedtime, we always had oral sex for each other followed by some position. After three babies, her sex drive slowed down. We had been married eighteen years when we went to her twentieth class reunion. I encouraged her to dress sexy for the guys. She immediately took up with an old lover there without his wife. As we danced, I held her close and suggested we invite her friend to our motel so she could have sex with him and fulfill her dream of two guys at once. I told her friend we would like for him to come our motel for a drink and some fun. Once in the motel, I kissed her. She then kissed him as I unzipped her dress, letting it fall down. As we stripped, she slipped her bra and panties off. I put her on the bed and gave her oral. He then did the same to her. Then they had sex as I watched. I had never thought of giving a guy oral, but I was fascinated with him. So, I did it. Since then, my wife and I have experimented sexually in many different ways.

— James, 43

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