Bugle Boy

I have always wanted to see my wife with another man. So, for her birthday, I bought her this sexy bathing suit and her favorite drinks. She and I were in the pool in our back yard. I was telling her how hot she looked. She started modeling it. I knew she was getting turned on. Without her knowing it, a friend of mine was to show up. In the past, she has teased and said to me that she thought he had a big bugle. Well, he showed up with flowers for her. Blushing in her little swim suit, she took the flowers while he told her how nice she looked. I throw a wet ball at him, and he jumped in the pool after me. Then my wife got in with us watching her with excitement. We started playing "get the ball if you can" with her in the middle. I moved in to kiss her hard, and she kissed me back. His hands were then all over her. The three of us played for four hours after that, and we still get together from time to time.

— Lot, 28

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