Hot Co-Worker

I work with this great looking woman about eight years my junior. She has a very desirable body. It seemed there was always a tension between us. Not unfriendly, but a bit awkward. By the way, I'm divorced, and my kids have moved out of house. I live in cottage country, and our family has a nice place on a lake. It just so happened that her and her husband had one on a lake near us. I was at the lake one day when she just showed up for a visit and "looks see", she said. I showed her around. We sat, had a drink, and chatted. The conversation got around to her husband and his lack of "interest" when she suddenly just jumped on my lap. We started French kissing. I took her t-shirt off and got a look at those beautiful breasts I had always admired. They were as I imagined. We retired to a bedroom and pleasured each other for a couple of hours. I love pleasing a woman orally, and she enjoyed it three times. She then did me, and it was the best I've ever had. We've continued this over several years, just occasionally, as she doesn't want her husband to find out. The randomness adds to the excitement, though, as she'll approach me just out of the blue. Each time is as exciting as the last! We've just recently introduced "toys", and man, that sure adds something to the experience!!

— Alexander, 50

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