Was it Love?

I have to admit, I did something that I thought I'd never do. A girl I worked with was looking for a roommate. The price was right, so I moved in. She and her brother shared the town home they lived in. She told me her brother was gay. Okay, no problem; I'm not homophobic. It is the first time I ever seen a man wear nightgown though. Mark was actually a cool person to rap with. I'd come home from work and we'd sit around and talk about all kinds of stuff. One thing I did notice, he resembled a woman in every fashion. His hair, legs and the way he moved. He even filed his nails. I was a real talker and he was a good listener. He would give me advice on a lot of personal matters. I soon found myself attracted to him. Finally, during a conversation, I had to tell him. "Dude, I've never interacted sexually with another male before, but I do want to know what it's like," I said. He gave me this deer in the headlights look, put both hands over his mouth, and said, "Oh! You mean me with you? No, no. It's not a good idea. What if we were to fall in love! It can turn out to be a real disaster." Feeling embarrassed, I apologized and went to my room. The next morning, I found a letter he had written me after our tense moment the night before. He placed it under my bedroom door. I won't go to full detail about what it said, but he stated that he thought well of me and pondered the thought as well, but gave up because he thought I was straight. The letter also stated that he just wanted to be treated with respect, the same that I would give to any woman. When I arrived home later that evening, he was in the kitchen washing dishes. I came up behind him and I said in a soft voice, "I will treat you with the utmost respect." He just turned his head and smiled at me and then turned back around and finished what he was doing. So there I was, not knowing what was going on in either of our heads. The thought came to me, "I'm just to go for it." Walking up behind him, I put my arms around his waist. He put his hands on top of my hands and he tilted his head back on my shoulder and said to me, "I'm nervous but I'm also excited." This was all new to me; I was nervous. Mark turned around, looked up at me and said, "You have me." "Mark, let's go to my room. I want to be alone with you," I told him. With that, I took his soft hand and led him to my room. After about three weeks of pure romance, Mark ended the relationship by explaining to me that he has chosen to move on in another relationship. I respected him for that. He moved out of the town home, but we still stay in touch via Facebook. So did I fall in love with him? I think so.

— Grant, 25

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