Family Vacation

I married young. After our first child, a son, my wife decided she wanted no more babies. So, I had a vasectomy to please her. Three years later, she decided she wanted more babies, which I couldn't give her. We divorced. When she remarried, her husband didn't like my son. So, I got custody of him. I married a lady that had never been married but had a daughter two years younger than my son. We knew our two kids got along fine together. We made sure they knew about safe sex as we were sure they were into hot sex. When my son graduated from high school, he joined the military. Last summer, when my stepdaughter graduated from high school, we went on a tour of Europe and visited my son stationed in Germany. London was lots of sight seeing, then to France. We saw some sexy show with nude ladies that turned us all on. Once in Germany, we visited my son for a few days. As tourists, we were handed brochures about brothels. My son explained that brothels were legal and for both men and women. My wife and I discussed us going to a brothel as a family. The next weekend, we had dinner with my son on a Friday night. Then we visited a brothel. The four of us chose our own people to play with. That night in the hotel, my wife and I shared a bed while my son slept with his stepsister. The next day, we did some sightseeing and had the same arrangement at the hotel. On Sunday, my son had to return to his base. After dinner, my wife and stepdaughter again visited a brothel. Back at the hotel, my stepdaughter showered. Then my wife showered. Knowing my wife always spent lots of time in the shower, I was in my robe sitting on the bed along side of my stepdaughter. Both of us just had our robes on. I asked if she enjoyed the brothel visits. She assured me she did, especially the last one where she had a black man that knew how to please her. I was getting excited, so I moved over to kiss my stepdaughter. She responded by kissing me very hot. I touched her. She didn't object as we were still kissing. I moved down to give her oral. Then we had full sex. It was fast and done before my wife came out of the shower. Since then, we have gotten together many times before she went away to college. During the holidays, we had three more times. Like her mother, she is always wild and kinky. Nothing but the best.

— Bryan, 46

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