Keeping it in the Family

When my wife and I started dating before we were married, she took me home to meet her mother. This was back in 1998 and when I arrived at her house, I was expecting to meet an older woman. Much to my surprise, her mother actually looked very beautiful and young. I believe her mother was about forty-four years old at the time that I met her. It was obvious that her mother took care of herself; she was in great shape and she was beautiful, about 5'4" a real gorgeous Latina. She would always make jokes, she would tell her daughter, "When you're done with him, send them my way." I just thought it was fun and games. About a year later, I moved in with her and her mother. Her mother's name was Marian. Marian was so beautiful, I always found myself staring at her when she wasn't looking. For her age, she had a great body and a spark in her personality to go along with it. Marian and I had great conversations about everything from government to religion. She was a very smart woman. I would come home from work and I would actually look forward to sitting down and chatting with her. She would always go shopping and come home with these cute little outfits and she would put them on and asked me what I thought. I would always try to be discreet about it; respectful, you know. Of course, none of this ever happened when my wife was home. Marian and I were two different people depending on who was in the house at the time. For a while, Marian fell on hard times and it was pretty much me and my wife making the house payments. Marian would always tell me that she would pay me back; she would constantly thank me for my generosity. It was also obvious on my end that I was very strongly attracted to this woman not just because of her sexuality but because of the person she was. My wife usually left work around 3:30am. Around the time that we had to pay all the bills for Marian, she came into the room and sat down next to me on the bed. She told me that she didn't want to be alone. It was like I knew this was the time it was going to happen. As she sat on the bed facing away from me, I put my arms around her and I told her that it's going be okay. I really can't remember what was said, but it was something to the effect of her giving herself to me for a moment in time. She said for this moment, no one else exists in the world except for me and her. She wanted to have this time with me and she wanted it to mean something. She told me that she was totally in love with me, that I remember. Within five minutes I had her in bed with me. How can I regret this? This woman was whispering beautiful words in my ears, things I've never been told before. Not even my wife would say things so beautiful. She was touching my face and it felt so good; it just felt right. I was actually making love, not to my mother-in-law, but to a beautiful woman that was older than me. For the first time in all my sexual experiences, I could picture her and no one else that I was making love to. It was such a beautiful experience. Marian and I became very close. We were lovers and we were friends. She respected the boundary between me and my wife. Eventually, my wife and I moved out after purchasing our first home. I continued this relationship with my mother-in-law for four years. Every time we made love, it was like doing it for the first time again. Marian never argued with me, she always agreed with what I said. It was like we were married; we would spend time together, go shopping, and go for walks holding hands. We would go to the movies and out to dinner. If my wife wasn't there at the house, Marian was with me, right beside me in my arms. Even after Marian remarried, she and I would still get together and have our time together. I don't see her as much now, and our relationship has ended years ago, but in 2012 we got to visit with each other and exchange hugs and kisses; it was really nice. She told me that I was her only love. I have to admit, did I love this woman? Yes I did! Sometimes when I make love to my wife, I picture Marian; it just seems to make things better. My wife has said in the past, you always got along with my mother so well, it was like you two should've been married, not us.

— Bob, 38

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