Bra Top

I was on a business trip to a city where a friend of my aunt lived. I visited her over the following weekend. One morning, I got up to make coffee and she came downstairs shortly thereafter. I was shocked when she came down. She was wearing a burgundy brassiere and a mini skirt with gray opaque pantyhose and high heels. She looked awesome. After a few minutes of small talk, I touched her, and then reached around to remove her bra. I took off my robe and she gave me pleasure that was by far the best I have ever had. We adjourned to her bedroom and had sex for several more hours before I had to leave and catch my flight home. I told her I'd arrange more trips in the future. I love to see a sexy woman in a bra. That, in itself, sends me into an extremely heightened state of excitement rather quickly.

— Mike, 33

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