Bikini Tattoo

I'm a tattoo artist who lives in Florida. Several years ago, a woman came into my shop with a strange request. She wanted me to tattoo a bikini bathing suit on her body. I tried to talk her out of it since it would be very painful and time consuming, not to mention the cost. She insisted and said she'd he pay me the total cost up front. She could not tolerate more than fifteen minutes at a time. For me, the fun part was tattooing her breasts. I literally held her breast in my one hand while I was inking it with the other. The hand that held the breast did not have on a rubber glove. When I got to the bottom, it was totally awesome. I had to shave her in order to finish the job. It was a fun project, but I don't think I would ever do one like that again. Although, it was an awful lot of fun touching her.

— Rob, 28

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