Support Pantyhose

I was having some circulation problems with my legs and my mother-in-law suggested I try wearing a pair of support pantyhose. She said she wears them and they make her legs feel much better. So, I decided to try on a pair of hers. She suggested that I put them on without any underwear. I did and immediately I could feel something happening like never before. I have never experienced this type of sensation in the past. The pantyhose felt fantastic; they really did. My mother-in-law suggested that she adapt them for the male anatomy. In other words, she'll make an opening in front. Once she did this, the feeling and sensation went to another level. She suggested that I wear them when I am pleasuring myself. I did and the experience was like nothing I have ever felt before. I pleasure myself a lot, but without pantyhose. With the nylons I can honestly say that I will be doing it a lot more than ever before. Thanks for the tip!

— Tom, 37

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