Still in Love with Her

My Senior year in high school, I fell in love with a wonderful, warm, smart, funny, kind, and beautiful young woman. She was the beauty and I was the beast. Well, I'm no longer the beast; in fact, I've turned into Prince Charming. She is widowed and I love her still, always have all these long years. I send her a Christmas card every year, but refrain from more contact because I'm a fifty-two year old chicken. At this point, I don't expect a fairy tale ending, but I'd at least like to develop some kind of friendship/relationship. If I contacted her more directly, the girl I knew wouldn't think I was nuts; but people change and nowadays this sort of thing … well, I'd be viewed as a looney tune which I am not. I've just had this warm feeling for her all these years and whenever I think of her, I feel good inside no matter what crap is going on in my life.

— Jason, 52

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