Ribbons and Chiffon

When I come home from work, I have a cool shower, dry off, put on lot of girly powder, and then slip into a very frilly, sissy, thrilly, baby doll vintage nightie that has heap of long ribbons and bows. I love to go outside in the back as it's very private. With a warm wind blowing up my nightie and the ribbons blowing and flowing around me, I feel so free and sexy. I take a hand full of ribbons/chiffon and rub it up and down my body; it so sexy and it gives me a great thrill. I just feel free as a bird, walking around with all those wide long nylon ribbons. It is fabulous; on a nice day, I just can't stop playing with myself and those ribbons and chiffon. I love it.

— Micah, 41

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