Be Careful What You Wish For

Let me start by saying two things. This is true, and "be careful what you wish for". We have a really good sex life and enjoy watching adult movies occasionally. As far as I know, she had never had sex with anyone but me. For a long time, I've had a fantasy about watching her have sex with another guy. I've tried to talk her into it, just her and a guy or bringing another gun in as a threesome. She always said, "No way. I'm not interested." Even though she wouldn't admit it, I knew she had fantasies about this kind of thing. Our birthdays are only two days apart. She called me at work and asked if I wanted to do something special for our birthdays. I said sure, and she replied that we should go off for the weekend and do something special. Never in my wildest imagination did I have any idea what she had planned. That weekend, we drove to a resort about an hour from our home. We checked in, cleaned up, and went to dinner. When we returned, she asked if I was ready to be surprised. I was. There was an arm chair in our room. She put the back of it against the wall and facing the bed. She told me to strip, sit down, and put on a blindfold that she handed me. We've played with blindfolds, ties, and various toys before, so I went right along with what she wanted. She tied my wrist and ankles to the arms and legs of the chair. I was kind of surprised when she started putting a rope around my arms, shoulders and the chair back. This was new. But, I still went along. My next surprise was the gag. This was also a new toy. There I sat securely tied, gagged, blindfolded, and naked. I got a little panicky when I heard her call out on the phone and say, "He's ready. Come on in." I tried getting loose, but there was no way. It couldn't have been more than a minute when someone knocked on the door. My panic quickly turned to fear. No one said a word, but I could hear what sounded like bed linen being pulled down and clothes being removed. Then I could hear someone on the bed. All of a sudden, my wife removed my blindfold. All she said was, "This is for you. Happy birthday!" Only the bathroom light was on, but I could see another guy on the bed. She climbed into the bed, and they had wild sex right in front of me. Not long after that, he got dressed, kissed her goodbye, said Happy Birthday to me, and left. She came over to me, asked if I enjoyed it, and I nodded yes. She then proceeded to give me oral twice before letting me loose. I never have asked her how she found him or if they were ever together other than that night. She enjoyed him so much, I don't think I really want to know.

— Emilio, 34

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