Wife with Another

My story goes back to 1980 when I was a young guy. I was working my first real job as an apprentice plumber in my hometown. I never had time for any type of relationship as I was too busy having sex with any woman I could; until that morning, anyway. I was loading the plumbing truck as she walked by; the hot sexy Latina that would change my life forever. I had to have that young, untouched virgin sent to me from heaven. Once I got a taste of her, I was hooked. That's right, the guy who would never get hooked was whipped and married less than a year later and it would last for twenty-one years of rollercoaster wild mouse runs of events. Sex was good and as we grew, I started to have thoughts of her doing other guys. She admitted that she wasn't the young, innocent virgin I thought she was and she had some guy that she would forever crave. So, the years rolled on with both of us fantasizing, wanting, and building a situation that was off the hook. I wanted to watch her have another man, and she was aching to do it. But, I was all talk and let's face it, she got sick of my false promises. She went and got what I kept promising I'd deliver and never did. She was good though, because she was doing it for years while I was still making the promises and putting the images in our heads. The whole time, she was explaining to guys close to me, telling them that I was in on it. She figured it was all good as long as everyone was happy. After a while, she got braver. I started noticing things like hickey marks on her, bras left stuffed in her glove box, etc. But, I just didn't think she would do it knowing that if she did, I wanted to be there. Why sneak around when you don't have to? I wanted to make it happen more than ever at this point, but just wasn't sure how to go about it. Plus, I wasn't sure how I would really handle the reality of it. My job sent me out of town to work and I'd come home every other weekend. After about four months of this, I decided for no real reason to come home a week early. Talking to her on the phone, she told me that she was going to a club that night with some friends and I thought that I'd keep it a secret and not tell her. I hid my truck a block away and I figured when she got home from the club, she would come into our room. I'd be lying on the bed for her surprise. Well, as 1am rolled around and the bars closed, I knew she'd be getting home at any time. I lay on our bed waiting for her car to pull in the driveway. I finally heard her car pull in, and then another. I jumped up and ran to the window where I see a guy getting out of his car parked behind hers. I freaked out. I was running around, nothing on, gathering my close and flying down the stairs to the bedroom below ours to hide before they got into the house. While I waited for the front door to open, I wasn't sure whether I was scared, angry, excited, or sad. I was soon to find out that, even though I couldn't actually see them, hearing was enough to make me so satisfied.

— Gary, 52

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