Fantasy Realized

I was married to one of the hottest Mexican beauties ever, with a sex drive to match. I just couldn't stop wanting her to have sex with other guys while I watched from afar. Even though it made for some of the hottest sex we ever had, when the fire went out so did the fantasy. The desire to rekindle it grew stronger and stronger for me, until a friend of mine at work was telling me that his wife quit having sex with him because he was too well endowed. On my way home that night, my mind started to wander and my plan started to develop. As I got home, I went and grabbed a couple of bottles of wine, which always made her excited. Halfway through the third bottle, I started to tell her about what Glen had told me at work that day and asked her what she thought about such a thing. To make a long story short, I knew that she wanted it; she just wouldn't do it with me in the equation. I planned a fake fishing trip the following weekend while letting Glen in on the plot for him to have my wife while I watched. I parked my truck in his garage and had him take me back to my house before she got home from work. I told him to go back home and relax until ten or so that evening, and then show up at my house all depressed with four or five bottles of wine looking for me. I told him, "When she tells you that I've gone fishing, give her the sad story and offer her a glass of wine. Once you're inside, talk about your huge package and how your wife quit it." Well, I was right and two years has passed since. I have watched her have sex with twelve guys and she still won't go for it with me around, but sure is game when I go fishing. Maybe someday, I'll tell her; but for now, everyone's happy. If it works, don't fix it.

— Matt, 31

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