When I was younger, I started to wear women's clothing one day. I was home alone and my sister was not going to be home until late. I was taking a shower and saw her shaver. I started to shave my legs and wash with my sister's nice aroma soap. It smelled like lavender. After all that, I walked by my sister's room and saw her women's clothing right in front of me. I still only had a towel around me and I was curious. I went in her room and opened her closet door. She had nice clothes. What attracted me was a new pink/lavender trim nightie with robe. I took it out, laid it on the bed. I then pulled out a pair of lavender undies and got a pair of pink pantyhose and put them on the bed. I saw a pair of nice, cute lavender clear slippers with small lavender roses in them. I then painted my nails and toenails in pink nail polish. After they dried, I started to put on the clothing, starting with the undies. It felt good to wear women's clothing. I slipped into the lavender slippers, and then put on the matching robe. Her make-up was on her table; I grabbed it and put on foundation, and then did my eyes in pink/lavender eyeliner. My lips were lavender as well, and I started looking girly like. Last was my hair. It was long, so I grabbed one of the bands in pink. I looked in the mirror and I looked good. It was about 7:00pm and I started downstairs to eat dinner. After that, I was watching TV when I heard the door open. It was my sister. She looked at me and she knew I was in her clothing. She was not upset. She looked me over said I did a good job with my make-up. She had me go upstairs with her and put out nightie for her to wear. So I pulled out a red nightie with red trim, black panties, and red pantyhose. I saw a pair of clear plastic slippers with pom poms and black roses. I laid them on the bed. As I was leaving the room, she asked me where I was. I said, "Out of the room so you can change your clothes." She asked me to be her little sister for the night. I told her that I love wearing her clothing. That night, we watched TV and talked like sisters. I got up the next morning still dressed in her nightie. We ate breakfast and she asked me if I want to go to the mall. I said ok, and she asked me to wear some of her clothing. She had me wear leggings and a red pair of pantyhose. I told her no panties with the pantyhose. She wanted me to wear a pink belt and I did with no argument. We left to the mall to shop and eat lunch. We dress-up every weekend now. I love my sister!

— Dougie, 22

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