Cheating And Then Some

While my wife and I were dating, I cheated on her several times. Later, I found out she was doing the same with some of my friends. About a month before we married, I stopped by her home. To my surprise, her mother was home alone. My future wife, Louisa, thought I was out of town and had gone on a date with another guy. Her mom and I had several drinks talking about sex. She commented that Louisa was probably in bed with her date, and that her husband was at some bar trying to get some 'floozy' to give him oral. She crossed her legs letting her kimono fall open. Seeing her nice, shapely legs, I was getting excited. Pulling her over to me, we kissed as my hands roamed inside her kimono. We had wild sex all afternoon. After Louisa and I married, I was in the service and transferred to a remote base in Utah. Louisa could not join me for six months. She came to visit me after two months. We had a wild weekend in a motel. Then I received a letter from her telling me an old friend had stopped by and was taking her out to dinner with her mother. I figured she had had sex with the old friend, so I visited a whore house in Nevada. Later, Irene joined me. I felt guilty for cheating on her. She had always talked about having wanted two guys at the same time, but it never happened. I kept talking up her fantasy of two guys at the same time. Then, one day, one of her old boyfriends, the one that had taken her out to dinner, appeared at base. I called Louisa and told her we would go out to dinner that evening with her old friend, the guy I suspected she had sex with while I was away. I said she should dress sexy for us to tease him. After dinner, as he went to the bathroom, I told Louisa that now was the time for her to have two guys at once if she wanted to. I knew she was ready. We drove home with the guys. Louisa fixed us drinks. Then I suggested she do a strip for us. She agreed if we would undress with her. When she began giving me oral, I motioned her friend, Jerry, to start with her, which he did. We then switched positions and had sex several more times before I dropped him off at the base. Once back home, we had hot sex all night. Several months later, Louisa felt guilty and arranged a threesome for me with her girl friend. Now, years later, I have found out that she did have sex with her friend as I suspected. Her mother told me she had watched them after she was supposed to have gone to bed. I should add that now recently, I did have oral sex with my mother-in-law several times.

— Andy, 30

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