Neighbor's Big Wife

My neighbor's wife is in her late fifties. She yo-yo diets and her weight goes up and down, but never down to where she wants. She is never obese, but goes from plump to chubby to fat. My wife sympathizes with her face to face, but laughs and calls her fat other times. Months ago, we had a big backyard barbeque. Beer flowed and her husband neglected her; he was obnoxiously and unsuccessfully flirting with other women. She was getting resentful; I talked with her to head off a situation. She complained that he neglected her. We wound up slipping off to her house. I had never been a BBW fancier, but this is one hot mama. Since then, she has been easy to get and very exciting. Maybe it's because she is trying to convince herself and me she is desirable, she does things my wife won't. Purposely splitting with our spouses and getting together would not do any one reputation or career any good; but if a spouse should find out anyway, I would consider a more permanent union.

— Jeremy, 37

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