I'm obsessed with my mother-in-law; she's got the body of a woman that I fantasize about being with. Now, don't get me wrong. My wife, her daughter, is beautiful and I am attracted to her. But, when I see her mother and her voluptuous body, I can't help myself. She drives me crazy and not a day goes by that I don't think about her sexually and wish one day she would come on to me. I do believe she knows she turns me on because I'm constantly starring at her and licking my lips, but not in the obvious way. I believe she knows I want her because whenever she comes over, she always positions herself near where I'm walking, almost as if she wants me to grab her when I walk by. When she comes close to me, she always rubs her arm against mine so I can feel her soft skin. She absolutely drives me nuts and I want to have some type of sexual relationship with her. It doesn't necessarily have to be intercourse. I'm lost. If my wife finds out, my family is over.

— Marcus, 24

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