Happy in Diapers

My wife just won't let me out of diapers. This all started by me having a bed wetting accident, and then the next day wetting my pants. She took full advantage of these to make me satisfy her sexually and afterwards put me back in diapers full time. When we go out, she is always asking me if I am wet as she grabs and squeezes my diaper. This will usually cause me to soak them, making her grin and tell me what a baby I am to not be able to stay dry. She will make me bend over in front of strangers to "get something for her" so they will see my plastic panties under my jeans. When we get home, I have to take off my jeans and waddle around the house with just a tee shirt and my now very wet diaper. This gets her very hot and soon I will be getting "changed." She lays me on the bed and takes off my diaper. "Such a wet little boy!" she will exclaim. At this point she will pull up her dress and take off her now soaked panties and climb on top of me. This has really made our sex life take off as we both enjoy our roles. When she is finished, I will be diapered and let take my nap. This has been going on for several months and I am not able to be let out of diapers, nor do I want to. We will see how it goes in the future, but for now we are very happy.

— Corey, 27

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