What She Needs

My wife and I have been married nineteen years and we have a good relationship. I am recently diagnosed with diabetes type 2, and with meds taken, it pretty much renders me to just hugging, fondling, and touching; very little, if any, old fashioned loving. So, I off handedly told my wife if this got to her, she could discreetly do what she needed to get satisfaction. She agreed and nothing more was said until the other day when I discovered her and male friend of ours making love. At first, I was shocked, but backed out of the room. She later asked if I was good with her getting what she needs. I said I just didn't expect it when it did happen, but I had released her and she was fine. She then told me it has been happening with other men for about seven weeks; about one or two times a week at the most. It did arouse me; I was able to please her orally and manually that evening and nothing more has been said about her own privacy. But, it still happens and I still can do my part fairly regularly, just not all the way. She is good with this, so it works for us.

— Ben, 57

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